Kansas City Vendor Spotlight : Anecdotally Yours

One of the greatest parts of our job in creating a beautiful wedding day for our couples is getting to team up with other awesome Kansas City vendors that serve our couples so well!

Today, we’re sitting down with the husband and wife photography/videography team behind Anecdotally Yours, Jeff and Erica Short.  Their images are gorgeous and their sweet hearts shine through everything they do!  Let’s learn more, shall we?


This image is actually one of our sweet Soirée Event Designs couples in 2013!

Name: Anecdotally Yours, Jeff and Erica Short

Years in business: Photography beginning in 2007 and Videography beginning in 2010.


How did you get started in your business? Photography was a hobby of mine (Erica’s) and in college I became serious about it. I started shooting weddings right as I was graduating from K-State and quickly realized that this is what I wanted to do for a career! A few years later, we saw a need for creative, real-to-life wedding filmmaking. And we wanted to work full-time together, because we really like each other. 🙂  So, Jeff jumped in head first and learned the art of shooting video and we became a photo/video team! We rebranded two years ago to Anecdotally Yours, out of a desire for our brand to reflect our focus on storytelling. Now, we both do photography and videography work and have a great little team of people who shoot with us!

saddle-and-sirloin-wedding66 saddle-and-sirloin-wedding19 overland-park-wedding61

What does the process look like for clients who work with you? It looks a lot like getting to know new friends.  It’s a lot of fun. We love to know our couples well before their wedding day (Skype is our best friend for couples who can’t come by the studio!). We never want to feel like strangers, since we’re there ALL day on a wedding day, and it’s important that we know the things that will be meaningful to our couples and their families. Since we don’t script, direct, or pose anything in our photos or films (well, except for the group photo part of the day!), we have to be able to anticipate emotions, reactions, and movement. That works best when we can spend time getting to know a bride and groom, and hearing about their families. We listen just as much as we watch on a wedding day. Even with photography, which changed quite a bit once we started refining our approach to filmmaking – the way we shoot photos now reflects a desire to tell the whole story, to isolate in one frame a bigger narrative. And we love shooting wedding films, creating a rich, intentional story that has depth through the visuals and the audio that we weave throughout.

We’re also all about making things simple and easy, since we want brides and grooms to stay focused on what matters.  We firmly believe that the day is not about the photography or videography – it’s about the things that naturally happen throughout the day that make for great photos or video. Nothing fake here!

Describe your favorite wedding style:  It’s kind of impossible to have a favorite. We have such an eclectic group of couples that we work with each year, so I guess our favorite style is one that is completely suited to the couple — a wedding planned with attention to personalized detail (family heirlooms, creative ways of tying interests into the day, etc.). We love indoor weddings, outdoor weddings, farm weddings, rooftop weddings, all of them… as long as the style was chosen because it just “fits” with who the couple is. Those are the BEST.


Favorite season of the year and why? We love fall. We got married in the fall, and love everything that comes with that time of year. It just feels especially cozy.

Favorite reception cocktail? Again with the personalization… but we love signature cocktails that include favorite flavors of the bride and groom, or that have significance to their heritage, interests, places traveled, etc.

crestview-country-club-wedding30 club-1000-wedding94

Quote you live by: Jeff wanted me to retrieve my old Xanga.com site, where I used to share inspirational quotes and Swedish proverbs all the time. Rather than revisiting that embarrassing era of life, I’ll just spare you. 🙂

Favorite part of a wedding? Ceremony or reception? So hard to choose! We love the commitment and vows spoken in a wedding ceremony, but we also love watching people let loose and enjoy the best party of their lives with the people closest to them. We’re that kind of couple, though – we love sentimental things and also a great party.


Vendors such as Anecdotally Yours make our job so much fun and make our brides so happy!  To see more of their work, visit their blog at http://www.anecdotallyyours.com/blog/. Thank you so much to Jeff and Erica for partaking in our vendor feature and sharing the story behind your business!

-Your Soirée Event Designs Team


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