Meet Our Couple : Jenna + Aaron

Each couple has an incredible story that is unique to them. Through our many conversations getting to know each of our couples, we are able to help them create a wedding that is also unique to them. We are excited to begin a new blog series featuring some of our wonderful clients.  Grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) and join us as we share a bit about our October bride and groom, Jenna + Aaron.

2014-03-17_0015How did you meet?

From J+A : It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time before Aaron had a Twitter account. It was long before the word ‘selfie’ became part of our cultural lexicon; before Instagram; before the second-gen iPhone was even a thing. It was a time when Tumblr was still a cool blogging platform for twentysomthings — in an era where ‘cool’ and ‘blogging platform’ belonged in the same sentence.

It was 2007, and Aaron and Jenna each had a blog on Tumblr. They were avid readers of each others’ writing (we’ll use ‘writing’ loosely) and gleefully left snarky comments for one another. She thought he was cute; he thought she was the most hilarious and charming person on the whole wide Internet. Then they started emailing. Emails turned to instant messages. IMs turned to texts and phone calls. In 2008, they met in person and nobody turned out to be a serial killer.

One year and many LGA > KCI flights later, Jenna moved from NYC to Kansas City to live in Aaron’s loft.

Soon, they got a cat. And now they’re getting married.

Where do you live?

From J+A: Dallas, TX2014-03-17_00142014-03-17_0037Why did you decide to plan your wedding in KC?

From J+A: Four years of our relationship unfolded in KC; it’s where we starting building our life together. We have memories around every corner, and we’ve always wanted to showcase the city for our non-KC friends and family. Also, Aaron likes the beer and Jenna likes the cookies.

Tell us about your proposal.

From J+A: The long version is here. The short version: Jenna works for Pizza Hut’s corporate headquarters, so Aaron worked with her colleagues to stage a seemingly-routine product taste test in the middle of the workday. After a couple slices of pizza, Jenna was served a ring on a paper plate and Aaron came out of the kitchen and got down on one knee.2014-03-17_00022014-03-17_0003Describe your wedding vision in three words.

From J+A: Modern, glam, ours.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

From J+A: Jenna: Seeing each other for the first time from opposite ends of the aisle. (And cake.) Aaron: Celebrating with the people who mean so much to us and also the cake.2014-03-17_0019 2014-03-17_0018Why did you choose to hire a wedding planner?

From J+A: The obvious: Since we’re planning a KC wedding from Dallas, we needed someone on the ground to help us execute our vision, wrangle the budget, meet with vendors, etc. The not-so-obvious: neither of us quite have the right personality for wedding planning. Jenna is a detail-obsessed, disorganized second-guesser, Aaron is a quick decision-maker who trusts that things will take care of themselves. That’s a winning combination in life, but not during the stressful planning process. Madi has helped us navigate the biggest decisions together, and she moonlights as our bridal therapist.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other couples going through the planning process?

From J+A: Stop and get excited. You’re getting married. It’s the coolest. Beyond that: You do you. Our wedding isn’t trendy or full of DIY, shabby-chic details. It’s also not an ultra-elegant ballroom wedding. It’s our own pretty custom frankenbaby. It’s easy to second-guess your ideas when you see a million different things on blogs or in photos; remember to stay true to what you’d always envisioned and forget the Pins. 2014-03-17_0023Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

From J+A: Be patient. Don’t make hasty decisions about your venue, your dress, your photographer, your guest list or your anything because you think you need to get it done right away. You’ve got time. And when you’re running out of time, your planner will let you know. Nicely.2014-03-17_0035


Really, how lucky are we to get to work with Jenna and Aaron as they plan their special day?  We are really looking forward to helping their vision come to life to allow them to soak in every moment and celebrate their life together.

Until next time,

Soirée Event Designs


All photographs by Amanda Marie Portraits.



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