Kaylan + Blair : Fun at The Guild KC

We love when a couple’s main goal is to create a fun atmosphere for their guests.  For Kaylan and Blair this was exactly the case and they took a fun approach to create a great party.  With food truck catering, an “Up!” cake topper made to look like them, and a great packed dance floor….I think you’ll see from the photos below that a GREAT time was had by all!  Thank you to Nick Allen Photo for capturing the day so beautifully and for sharing these images with us!

viveros_wedding_high_res_0037 viveros_wedding_high_res_0050 viveros_wedding_high_res_0060 viveros_wedding_high_res_0124 viveros_wedding_high_res_0136 viveros_wedding_high_res_0173 viveros_wedding_high_res_0174 viveros_wedding_high_res_0204 viveros_wedding_high_res_0206 viveros_wedding_high_res_0287 viveros_wedding_high_res_0349 viveros_wedding_high_res_0421 viveros_wedding_high_res_0439 viveros_wedding_high_res_0444 viveros_wedding_high_res_0447 viveros_wedding_high_res_0464 viveros_wedding_high_res_0478 viveros_wedding_high_res_0520 viveros_wedding_high_res_0540 viveros_wedding_high_res_0624 viveros_wedding_high_res_0656 viveros_wedding_high_res_0853 viveros_wedding_high_res_0862 viveros_wedding_high_res_0035 viveros_wedding_high_res_0879 viveros_wedding_high_res_0895viveros_wedding_high_res_0903viveros_wedding_high_res_0861viveros_wedding_high_res_0904 viveros_wedding_high_res_0919viveros_wedding_high_res_0907viveros_wedding_high_res_0911viveros_wedding_high_res_0935 viveros_wedding_high_res_0964 viveros_wedding_high_res_0984 viveros_wedding_high_res_1022 viveros_wedding_high_res_0884viveros_wedding_high_res_1102     viveros_wedding_high_res_1171  viveros_wedding_high_res_1179 viveros_wedding_high_res_1248 viveros_wedding_high_res_1254viveros_wedding_high_res_1319viveros_wedding_high_res_1237 viveros_wedding_high_res_1301viveros_wedding_high_res_1336

Thank you Kaylan and Blair for letting us share in your special day!  Best wishes!
-Soirée Event Designs
Coordination: Lynsey with Soiree Event Designs
Photographer: Nick Allen Photo
Venue: The Guild
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Catering: Deco Catering
Videographer: Tim Oliphant
Cake: Hy-Vee
Makeup : Mary Morrison



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